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I’ve always thought I wasn’t a real console player, and I kinda am not. I don’t like to sit in the living room before the TV and play on a console there. But here in in the hobby room without anyone around me, I can play on consoles whenever I like.

Therefor I have taken out the old PlayStation Portable again earlier this month and bought 3 games for it. Of course, I took out the PSP and bought the PS Vita to play those old jRPGs again. But sadly, a lot of these games are not available for either portable consoles.


Therefor I bought a PlayStation 2 (phat and still region locked – can you believe it? 😛) yesterday for only €25 (including 2 controllers and a 16Mb memory card) at the local pawnshop. After that I ran to the local game store to pick up Final Fantasy X and X-2 (both second hand). The only problem though is that I don’t have a TV here that I can attach the PS2 to. I have a PS2 HDMI output converter in order right now, but that’ll take an other week or 2 before it’s here 😕


So I installed an extremely old TV capture card that I still had (sucky resolution of 320×200, but it can be boosted and enhanced a bit) so that I can play these games in my hobby room through the PC (and even capture the output).

Next on my PlayStation wish list is a PS4, but I think those are still too expensive to buy…

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