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The first hour on the Progression Server


I am probably living in the best part of Alkmaar to find. Just outside the centre and very near the train station. With a 30 minute train ride you’re in the centre of Amsterdam. Whatever could be wrong in this cosy neighbourhood?

A LOT! Because of it’s location and relatively low house prices (certainly compared to Amsterdam) a lot younger of people are buying a house here, demolish the complete inside and rebuild it again to their liking. This means a lot of noise during the day πŸ™

It is because of that noise that I am unable to stream during the day right now. One of the houses just across the street has been sold (it’s the 3rd house within a 50 meter radius the last year) and this one is being demolished from the inside as well. It’ll probably take a week or two as well (I hope), which means I won’t be able to stream for the coming two weeks during the weekdays either 😒

The noise won’t hold me back to play EverQuest 2 on the Progression I can also record the game feed and upload it to my YouTube channel as well. I just won’t be able to use the microphone to add a commentary (unless you REALLY want to hear a lot of building noise 😜) and because of that I have also disabled the camera – no need to see me playing and babbling without hearing me – along with the complete stream UI. I will however let all NPCs speak without interruption so you can hear what is going on as well as leave the quest objective window open a bit longer allowing you to read along with me.

Yesterday’s play was a well known one for me. Having played EverQuest 2 in the past with a couple of ‘evil’ characters (‘evil’ is seen in perspective of the other party who say they are evil πŸ€”) and as you can see I have the opportunity to leave this starter area when I ask for it. For the purpose of the story and character development I decided to play through this first part of the (tutorial) story as well.

I will play daily on the Progression Server and you can follow the ongoing story on my YouTube channel (see the icons on the right side and don’t forget to follow me there – I am aiming for 100 followers by the end of the month).

I will also post daily updates with the video I made and a bit of written commentary what happened during the recordings. Of course I will try to write the post the same day, but with the recorded file being close to 2Gb per hour 😲 the upload to YouTube might take a while, even with the 17Mbps upload speed our DLS connection has.

Thanks for your visit to Pages from Sages and feel free to comment on the post and/or the video on YouTube.
With love Alexa πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜

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