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Extreme lag problems


During my 1st recording of my game-play it already occurred to me that my skeleton was quite slow with it’s support attack. Most of the times it just stood besides me while I was getting shot at. It was almost as if he was on strike for not liking to be controlled by me.

EverQuest2-2020-05-22-13-58-18-47The day before yesterday it became extremely bad and I died a couple of times because of this ongoing strike of it. At that point I decided to check the latency with the servers. To my amazement the ping was an average of 270 with quite regular peaks to 350-400ms. This explained quite a lot why the skeleton just stood beside me while I was in combat (and died horribly a couple of times 😢)

Knowing of this horrible latency it was time to head for the game’s FAQ. To my surprise I read that the servers are located in California!


In the ‘good old fays’ when SONY Online Entertainment was the publisher of EverQuest 2 (and their other MMOs) there were also servers on the Eastern border of the USA. This made their games quite playable for European players (with an average ping of 140 for me). DayBreak games clearly does not care about players outside the continent of Northern America 😠 And then they wonder why their MMOs are so lowly populated…

With EverQuest 2 (and all other DayBreak games) being unable to play for me I guess it once again is time to find myself a MMO to play. I have already installed Blade & Soul hoping to like it (I’m no real martial arts game lover). I remember playing it on a Russian private(? – was it) server and did kinda enjoy it. With NCSoft having a European server (and hopefully physically located in the EU 🤔) latency should not be such a problem.

If you have a suggestion for an online game, please let me know in the comments. I am open for almost anything!

With love Alexa 💋😘

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