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PC died :'(


This afternoon I was streaming Blade & Soul to see how well I would like it. The first ha;f hour of the stream I was babbling quite a bit and one of the things I said was why I didn’t stream last week and yesterday as well as a promise to stream more often.

It looks like I have to break that promise. As you might notice at is that the end of the stream ends quite abrupt. That wasn’t because I pulled the plug, but that the plug was pulled for me. It was all of a sudden that my PC went completely down – without warning, without Windows shutting down! I just knew something was wrong!

The first thing I did was turn off the power supply switch at the back of the PC and I immediately noticed the extreme warmth it was venting. I let it cool down for a minute, turned tit back on and started the PC – pushed the start button that is – but nothing happened.

Now I became frightened. It’s not the first time that the PC had these kind of quirks and I have been ruling out stuff in the past. I even have removed 2 banks of 8Gb and that made the PC run stable again. This time though the shutdown was too sudden and the heath too high.

2020-05-24-14.23.12When I opened the PC case I immediately smelled something had burned. I immediately went through the checklist. CPU cooling was normal (CPU was only 35C max during streaming), the GPU cooling the same as well as the RAM. The main parts were okay, but that power supply… I took it out and opened it up only to see the massive amount of dust it had collected over the past decade (yes the PSU is *THAT* old).

Then once more a quick run through the PC and I checked the CPU, GPU, RAM and mobo to smell if those were burned. From what I can tell those are okay *fingers crossed*

Now I need to get myself a new PSU. With the last computer store in Alkmaar having closed down 2 years ago and the MediaMarkt not selling (good) PSUs I had to order one online (while at it, I also had to order thermal paste to put the heatsink on the CPU again).

Normally a package ordered on Sunday would be delivered on Thursday. now with the COVID-19 situation it’s all delayed quite badly and the PSU is expected coming Tuesday or Friday.

“But you are writing a post right now, but can’t stream?” I hear you thinking. You have a valid point, but it is quite true. I am not writing this on my phone – I wouldn’t even start to imagine how much effort it’d take to get that done.

No, I am writing on my old SONY Vaio laptop. Though the specifications of this old buddy of mine are pretty good (Intel I3 mobile @2.1Mhz, 8Gb RAM and 120Gb SSD) it’s not one to stream with. Even while having PS4 Remote installed on it. I just fear that the laptop isn’t powerful enough to both use PS4 Remote and the OBS streaming software. Even more so because I also need to hook up a 2nd monitor to see OBS.

An other problem will also be the slowdown of the old blog conversion. While it is technically possible for me to actually continue on it, it will be very frustrating though. aside from not having all the Photobucket pictures on the laptop (I can download each and everyone I need), I do need to install GIMP to process them. And if that’s not bad enough, I always have 3 and sometimes 4 browser windows open to get a good overview and reduce the chance of errors to the minimum.

I say goodbye to you for the coming week and hope that it indeed is the PSU and it didn’t effect the rest of the PC.

With (somewhat sad) love Alexa 💋😘

…hmmm… 3 posts on 1 day – must be a new record for me…

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