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Restoring the original template


2020-05-24-Original-PfSRemember those good old times back in the 2010s when I was posting a lot? I still think that the template I was using back then was pretty awesome and I want to restore it to use with WordPress as well. The problem with WordPress is that it uses a lot of default templates as well as a lot of CSS.

2020-05-24-Elementor-exampleTo get around the problems of the templates and .CSS files I have come up with 3 solutions.

OReillys-CSS-The-Definitive-Guide1.Get a licence for one of the best template editors there is for WordPress: ElementorΒ (the first addition made with Elementor has already been added to the blog showing a conversion status progress bar).
2. Grab O’Reilly’s CSS The Definitive Guide. Oh yes, more to read and learn about all things possible with WordPress. As if I didn’t already have enough to do while converting all posts 😜
3. Get a highly customisation template to actually make the the old template happen. For that I am musing to get the Jupiter X template. I am pretty sure I have seen a demo version to download in the past, but now I can not find it anymore on their site πŸ™

Aside from time (as already mentioned under #2 above), money is the other issue. The license for Elementor is an annual one for $49 (luckily there’s no added VAT). And while the license is not directly required for writing posts on the site, I do need it to create templates (like the Blog Conversion Status above).

2020-05-24-Jupiter-X-support-pricesThe Jupiter X template will cost me $59 (not sure if VAT will be added for EU countries, if so it’ll come down to roughly $70), but it is a one-time license. The prices for additional support are ‘a bit’ fuzzy though. The thing I make of it is that after my initial 6 months of support that comes with purchasing the license I the price for support will be $52.62 for a renewed 6 months of support. I mean, seriously? Even keeping the support on-going by purchasing additional support time during the current time still comes down to $36.87 making Jupiter X support quite expensive 😞

I am not talking about the costs for all things required to rebuild the old template and keep the new (WordPress) blog up and running to beg for your monetary support. It was (and still is) my wish to restart the blog and I need to pay for all things required to make that happen (though your support is more than welcome πŸ˜‰).

With that, I hope that Google Adsense will review my site and approve it for automated WordPress advertisements. That’ll generate some revenue as well. Though not much, but every penny is one. If Google decides not to allow the automated WordPress advertisements, I still have the old keys and codes of the old site which I can use to insert ads wherever I want πŸ˜‰

Enough babbling about building up the old template and the costs. It’s time for me to get back to work again and work on those 1578 posts left…

With love Alexa πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜

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