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The new (old) template is live!


This is one you could not have missed! Yes, I have managed to get the old template to work with WordPress. There are a couple of changes though because of the whole bunch of scripts and CSS files running along with WordPress. Not to mention the fact that I have purchased the Jupiter X theme along side the annual Elementor license I already had purchases. The combination of these two are pretty powerful and allow me to customise almost everything I want on the site.

Not fully done yet

There are still a few things I need to do with the template. For instance the editor part (which you don’t see πŸ˜›) is looking extremely odd to me. But that is something for a later day (if that day ever comes) to work on and make it a full WYSIWYG.

Other things are of more importance. I have seen that a couple of texts are barely readable (the blue links for instance) and some text is even ‘missing’. It is there, but in such a light colour that it fades into the background.

I figure there are other things as well which need to be fixed and coming days I will go through the site completely. I know for instance that a couple of old pages I made still need to be changes to the (old) new layout.

Mobile optimization

Playing around with the templates I found out that I could include / exclude items for desktop, tablet and mobile phones. This allows me to optimise the website for these devices. For instance, the home page with the recent posts contains 9 posts for desktop in 3 rows. For tablet this is 6 posts in 2 rows and for the phone it is just 4 posts in a row.

At this moment I have removed the left and right knobs of the scroll for both tablet and mobile devices. Not really for performance for they are already loaded for the header, but for size issues. I will add them later in a smaller size.

If you find ANYTHING out of the ordinary in the new template, feel free to drop me a post (yet an other page I need to update πŸ˜›).

Thanks for your patience and with love Alexa πŸ’•πŸ˜˜

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1 Comment

  1. The template upload didn’t go as planned. While the templates their self did upload and work, they didn’t work with Jupiter X as they did on the test site. Yesterday afternoon I had to improvise a lot to keep the site somewhat readable.

    This morning I woke up early (around 4am – I still have the sleeping disorder) and decided to use this extra time well. I managed to get the template working again as it did on the test site. While at it I also worked on the iDragon3D and Dragon Network galleries to let them match the rest of the template. While doing so I figured to add more galleries of the MMORPGs I have played in the past.

    Last but not least, the WYSIWYG editor on my side when writing posts was also caused by the template not functioning as it should. When I work on a post not I immediately see how it’ll appear for you as reader.

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