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Now is the time to return to space (I think)


Frontier Development is probably one of the most dedicated developers out there. There are only few other developers out there who put so much time and effort into their game (yes, I mean you Hello Games), listen to it’s community and add their requests to the game (or at least consider it).

Fleet Carriers

Coming week on June 9th, an other update for Beyond will be added, and from the look of it, it will be the last one for the season.

This update will include fleet carriers, which squadrons (guilds in other MMORPGs) can build to support their members in (deep) space. They include repair facilities, refuel stations and more (I hope). I haven’t played for quite a while and haven’t really followed Elite Dangerous for the last half year, so these are just guesses from my side. I do know that I am pretty hyped by the coming of the carriers and I certainly want to help my squadron (IPX Wing) to build and maintain one.

Odyssey - a new season

Odyssey will most likely be a new payed expansion. The Beyond expansion was given for free to the community to make up for the mess Frontier made with the Horizons expansion (I thought it was okay 😉). I for one will certainly buy this new expansion.

Space legs!

The community asked for two major additions to the base game. One was fleet carriers and the other was space legs. With the majority of the community wanting the carriers first (not me BTW) those had Frontier’s priority. Now the other major addition will be added and as said before, I am pretty hyped about that one!

What to expect?

New content is always the subject of speculation and the same will be for Odyssey. Space legs will be the first addition, but knowing Frontier, after those are available, more will be added.

Lets focus on the space legs first though. I think the trailer is pretty clear on what to expect. Walking around far away planets (or those close by, whatever rocks your boat 😜). From the looks of it, some FPS combat might also be added. I say FPS for most of Elite’s  content is FPS based with 3rd person (ship actually 🙃) view optional.

Later content for Odyssey will be pure speculation, but I can imagine that you will be able to walk around your ship on a later date. The same goes for the space stations. And perhaps we might even be able to walk on terra-formed planets without our helmet on..?

Elite vs. Star Citizen?

Now this is a hot topic as always. Elite Dangerous, No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen are in the core similar games with huge differences. With No Man’s Sky being more cartoony and arcade focused, I won’t include it here – it just caters to a different kind of community.

Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen were competitors from the beginning and quite similar as well. Both are funded by kickstarter and started crowdfunding around the same time.

Star Citizen is still accumulating large number of funds, it is still in alpha state. Though alpha state is quite disputable. The game already has quite some content, but still not enough to be ready for launch. There are 4 space ports already, a couple of dozen ships. Trading and combat has also been setup already. Chris Roberts (and the Star Citizen community) want so many more options added to the game and from the looks of it they will all be there with launch.

Frontier Development on the other hand made the call to release Elite Dangerous when the core of the game was ready. That was space exploration, (dog fight) combat and trade.

That was 5 years now and look how much content they have added in that time! I honestly think that  Frontier made the right call there and that the game has grown a lot in the meantime.

Final thoughts

I think that as always Elite Dangerous is on to something great again. I know that I lay down the game quite a lot, but that is to avoid overplaying it, after all it can be quite a ‘grind’ at times to unlock new engineers or obtain materials to upgrade your ship’s modules. All in all to me Elite Dangerous is one of the better games developed this century.

Perhaps it is time once more to step into the cockpit and head out into the black again. Still being in The Bubble I even could help our squadron build the fleet carrier (I am quite rich in the game) and team up with my (in-game) friends again.

That’s it for now. Time to fire up the PS4 and reinstall Elite Dangerous again after that HDD crash I had.

Thanks for reading, with love Alexa 💋💕

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