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Old Lineage II screenies

I’ve played on a private Lineage II server for about 20 months. During this time I’ve made tons and tons of screenshots. Here’s a selection of the best of them… (just click the images…) When

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Welcome to my Blog…

Welcome to my Blog. In this Blog you’ll find all my (mis)adventures from all MMORPG games I’ve ever played. And if I have (raw) materials of the games as well… MMORPGs I’ve played so far

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Mechs in action

With XCOM: Enemy Within providing 2 new features (Mechs and genetic manipulation), I thought to use both of them. The genetic manipulation give very nice features, but sadly, you don’t see them ‘in action’ like

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Steam badges

Trading cards and the linked badges have been available in Steam for quite some time already. But so far I haven’t really put any time and effort in them. I much rather play my games

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XCOM: Enemy Within

Having ‘beaten’ the XCOM: Enemy Unknown game, it’s time to move on to that HUGE DLC expansion it has: XCOM: Enemy Within. At the first glance the game looks exactly like XCOM: Enemy Unknown, aside

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