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This is probably the one thing I  have the most: begging for money 😔 but it is something needed to keep Pages from Sages up and running. For some reason Google’s Adsense doesn’t accept the site and am I unable to display advertisements 😠

It is not just the domain and web space I have to pay for. Using WordPress I am in need of a couple of pretty expensive plugins of which most use annual recurring subscriptions. It is these plugins I need your support for – however small it is!


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Donated € 75,00 on June 8, 2020
Message: ” I love Pages from Sages and want it back in it’s old glory

Sadly no donations yet 😭


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Other Ways

Aside from your monetary support, you can also follow me on different platforms and/or spread the word. To the right you (or bottom on mobile devices) see a bunch of icons to do so. Of these platforms, YouTube is the one I am in need now badly – I am aiming for 100 subscribers for now and 1.000 😲 in the future (for monetisation of YouTube).

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